Healthy Habits Win Results
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Healthy Habits Win Results

Last book read: “Never Split the Difference” by Chris Voss

Books I’m currently reading: “Principles” by Ray Dalio

Biggest Investment return: Tesla @ $66.61 (purchased at $286.28, sold at $352.89)

On my mind: Fail Better


Today, I want to share about mindset. Mindset to improve the ‘how to’ part of success: Healthy Habits Win Results. Have you ever wondered why it’s so difficult to make money but so easy to spend? Have you thought of the underlying reasons for your habits? How have you tried to deal with bad habits?

The 80/20 Principle

In my recent endeavors, I have been finding habits that distract and detour me from my goals (more on my goals here). With intention, I have made some drastic changes. Perhaps you have heard of the Pareto’s 80/20 principle, which states 80% of effects are caused by 20% of factors. Here’s an everyday example: we wear about 20% of our clothing 80% of the time. Here’s another one: 20% of criminals commit 80% of the crime (Dunedin Study). Another one: 20% of employees bring in 80% of the results. You get the picture.

Poor Habits Poor Results

I applied the principle to my own life and found that a few bad habits formed over the years negatively impacted me in a big way. For one, I slept and woke up late, which affected the rest of my day. When I started working, I rushed from my bed to the bathroom, to the kitchen, to work. I found myself barely getting to work on time; 20% of my actions were causing 80% of my stress and frustration.

Parking at my work place is $95/ month! Yes, $95 for the convenience of parking in a structure. What’s amazing is that many people actually pay this amount to for convenience. I was taken aback by the number of people that chose to pay to park. Given the choice, I opted for street parking. I soon after discovered a gold mine, an all-day parking spot near work with the length of half a football field.

Glass Half Full?

However, the struggle was getting a guaranteed spot. In effect, many times I had to park in a 2 or 4 hour parking spot and move my car accordingly and the 2 times it slipped my mind, I paid for it. $98 to be exact at $49/ ticket. In addition, I found myself like many others, rushing into the office, tired and groggy. Thankfully, in my 6 months of working at this particular job, I have only racked up 17% ($98 in comparison to $570) of the price I would have paid if I had decided to pay to park. Ultimately, I didn’t want anymore tickets and all the other symptoms of poor decision-making. Frankly, I was fed up.

Healthy Habits Win Results

I came across a book called Miracle Morning, by Hal Elrod, which was a collection of morning routines successful people practice, lumped into 6 components of an ideal start to the day. The idea is win the morning, win the day. S.A.V.E.R.S. is an acronym highlighted in the book which stands for Silence, Affirmations, Visualization, Exercise, Reading, and Scribing. More on the details of the acronym another time. In order to start my day right, I realized I would have to wake up over an hour earlier, sleep earlier, and proactively engage my morning. I took action upon reading the book but was faced with one of greatest initial barriers – my body viscerally opposed the change. It took some trial and error to get to a point of consistency.

“Your first ritual that you do during the day is the highest leveraged ritual by far, because it has the effect of setting your mind, and setting the context, for the rest of your day” – Eben Pagan

I it took one day at a time to get started, which would turn into 2 days, 3, 4, 5, and so on. Now, I start my weekday mornings at 5am every morning and I can gladly say it’s a part of my daily routine. Finally, I have enough time to eat breakfast on the dining table, get the all-day parking spot every/ most work days, feel lively by the time I get to work, and am more focused as I start my workday.

Accountability And Commitment

It was difficult to start incorporating a morning routine for a night owl like myself but I managed. I’m grateful for my like-minded friend who came alongside and was willing to join me in building these morning habits together. We decided it would be good to call each other first thing in the morning and talk with one another until we were awake, then jump into our routine. In the beginning this was crucial but now, after 3 weeks of trial and error, my body is settling into the routine.

No Pain, No Gain

We hear it all the time, “No pain, no gain”, but I have found it to resonate deeply with me. The initial change was agony; to both my mind and body, but with changing my mindset and making better choices, I reaped the great rewards. Don’t get me wrong, the 1st minute of my morning is war. Yet, I’m failing better, one step at a time.


Let’s talk Habits

Do you have any unhealthy habits that causes you unnecessary stress? Have you made any attempts to change your habits? Are there healthy habits that you are trying to form?



The Miracle Morning for Entrepreneurs” by Hal Elrod

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Income Development

Banner Featured by my Financial Mentor Tim Kim

Streams of Income

Did you know that the average millionaire has 7 streams of income? The answer would be the more the merrier. Diversification is an essential component of every experienced investor. Take for example Tim Kim (read about streams of income here), a self-made millionaire and mentor of mine that I am learning from. He has over a dozen streams of income.

My streams of income

I currently have 4 streams of income including my 9-5. It’s a goal of mine to develop 2 of my income streams, which involves blogging and stock options, this year to a total of $3k/ month. I will keep you all posted on my endeavors.

Journeying to FI

It’s always been in my mind to be financially independent so that I could spend intentional time with my friends, travel the world and meet people from all walks of life, and adding value to everyone I meet. Initially I ran into people who had ulterior motives, which was a teaching lesson all on its own (click here to read more).  Then I met someone who had the level of success I was looking to achieve someday and he was an open book on how he got there. I started following his blog and am currently receiving mentorship from him. The spark and pursuit of this journey of FI was ignited just mid-last year.

Humble beginnings

When I started reading blogs on financial independence, I was really just getting through each month with few dollars to spare. I had a part-time job that was paying meager wages, but thankfully I enjoyed the work! I eventually obtained another job with much better pay, creating 2 streams of income but wasn’t making enough to invest.

Goal Setting

I decided to set my sights and goals higher and applied to full-time positions that would allow me room to invest. One of my goals was to get a full-time job by the end of the year. By God’s grace, I interviewed in December and started my full-time job in January 2018. Now it’s time for me to expand my income streams and develop them. I am currently settings a dream line (mentioned in Tim Ferris’s book 4 Hour work week) and hope to get started on defining what I will be doing each day to accomplish my financial goal.


Currently, I am working full-time, working part-time at my church as a worship director (which is a great joy), taking 2 real estate classes, blogging, investing into a Roth IRA through Schwab, investing in Bitcoin/ Cryptocurrency (click here to read more), trading options through Robinhood, and advertising a Social Media Agency. I have room to grow in each of these areas and it is my goal to improve everyday. By the end of this year, I hope to reach 2k/month from blogging and share with you all my progress. Thanks for joining in on the journey!

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Care to share?

Do you have interest in reaching financial in reaching financial independence? Where are you financially? What are your financial goals for this year?


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