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Do You Love to Travel?

If you do, we have common interest! Most recently, I’ve implemented 2 big travel hacks. I started listening to finance podcasts, reading books on business and mindset, and applying what I would learn into my daily living. I often listed to finance podcasts while I commute to/ from work and other times that I’m on the road. One particular morning, as I was driving to work listening to a podcast (episode 27) on the Bigger Pockets Money podcast, with guest Lee Huffman titled “How to Get Even MORE from your Travel Rewards Credit Card”, I learned about using credit cards to gain points to travel for free and it immediately sparked interest.

2 Travel Hacks

From the 2 travel hacks I will introduce, one is applicable to everyone while the other depends on your credit. When you think of travel, what are your highest expenses? Flight ticket? Housing? Food? I have found a way to cut costs from flight and housing. I’m a foodie and would love to know how I could apply travel hacking to food. Please comment below and share if you have any ideas.

Free Flights

I found there was a major airline that offered travel bonuses to those who would qualify for the credit card.

The deal was that I would receive 40,000 points for Southwest Airlines (an airline company that is exceptional in presenting their why according to Simon Sinek in his book “Start with Why”) if I spent $1,000 in the first 3 months of opening a Chase credit card. I applied and the card arrived under 2 weeks after I submitted my application online. I then spent $1,000 in the first month and the 40,000 points were added to my account.

There was a conference in Austin, TX and I was going to attend in 2 weeks so I booked a flight from Long Beach, CA to Austin, TX for a total of 12,190 points and a $11.20 U.S. 9/11 Security Fee (TSA regulation). Not only did I benefit from this deal, I wanted to share with my friends how they could also participate.

I have a friend who travels at least once a month to San Francisco to see his girlfriend so I decided to share this with him. Here’s the amazing thing! Chase has a referral program that allows both the referrer and the referred benefit. The referrer – who was me in this case – would receive 10,000 bonus points up to 50,000 points per year and the referred – my friend – would receive the same deal as I did (40,000 points for spending $1,000 in the 3 months of receiving the credit card).

I was thrilled! Additionally, using the credit card for Southwest Airlines related purchases would give me 2 points for every $1 I would spend and 1 point for every dollar spent anywhere else. There is also 3,000 points awarded to all card holders annually for simply keeping the card open; a few benefits among several other great benefits. If you are interested finding out more, you can do so by clicking here.

Make Money While Traveling

Airbnb. Have you heard of this fairly recent phenomenon? If not, it’s worth looking into for 2 reasons: Free housing and income generation while traveling. It might be hard to believe but it’s easier than you might assume. Before I dive in, I am inclined to share what Airbnb and its function in society. Airbnb is a platform home owners and renters from all around the world can open up their rooms, homes and even backyards for rental, allowing those who stay a unique and personal experience. From my personal experience with Airbnb in the past, I can say that every stay has been exciting and memorable.

How can someone obtain free housing AND generate income while traveling? I, along with many others, have done it. There are 3 things you can do.

  1. If you have not created an Airbnb account yet, you can do so by clicking here and receive up to $55 for your next travel experience.
  2. If you enjoyed your stay and would like to recommend it your friends, you can get $30 (referral amount fluctuates) per referral and book your stays at no cost.
  3. Lastly, you can generate income while you are away by renting out your home or apartment (please check with your country and state to ensure you are allowed to do this as policy varies). You can even see how much your earning potential is depending on your location, which you can see using Airbnb’s database (click here to see how much you can earn).

Good Fit or Bad Fit?

I tend to promote ideas, services and products I believe in and use myself, in this case credit cards to travel hack and Airbnb to book my stays. However, I do not advocate those who are prone to debt or are financially unstable to apply for the Chase travel card. If you are currently in large amounts of debt, budgeting to track every dollar made and spent is a great start (to read more on why you should budget, check out my last blog post “Habit Tell a Story”.

A practical resource that is very easy to use is the Every Dollar app which is free, easy to use, and found in the apple app store or the google store! The creator of the app, Dave Ramsey is a finance mogul that helps the average American and many times, broke Americans come out of thousands to hundreds of thousands in dollars of debt. If you struggle with debt, watch his show on YouTube or check out his podcast, The Dave Ramsey show.

The guy knows what he is talking about in regards to debt! He is actually opposed to debt, whereas I see certain debt (I will elaborate in future posts) such as credit cards as a tool for those who are responsible. Yet it makes sense to have a radical mindset when paying off thousands of dollars in debt as quickly as possible. If the Chase travel card offer is not suitable for you, the Airbnb is practical and applicable to all.

What are some travel hacks you have tried? Have you used any of the hacks listed above? Share your experience in the comments below.









*Disclaimer: Though this blog post consists of referral links, the purpose of this blog post is to educate and to invoke meaningful and applicable conversation.